Wednesday, January 25, 2012

You as a Malaysian??

24th Jan 2012: Me and my sister was on our way to send her back to BMI..
On our way to KTM seremban, our bus broke down..
We do not really sure why, but the back of the bus was surely 'hangit'...

Then for emergency purpose, we were told to leave the bus and walk further in front and wait..
Luckily there are some construction workers nearby who are willing to do some checkup on the bus

For about 1 hour passed by, there was no sign of the bus getting better...
Most of the passenger were bored and worried...
Then after several minutes, the leader of the construction workers, which I believed is a True Malaysian Indian male, came towards us..

TM: Hey guys, would you mind helping us to push the bus forward??can any of you help us?

Then a young man rose from his seat, and answered
 FM1: Surely, why not.(while looking at both his side, searching for agreement I supposed)

Seconds passes, but yet there was no one stepping in front to lend their hands...
The Leader's face shows unbelievable sign, but still he waits and hopes for any volunteers...
The number of male passenger comprised of 2/3 of the bus, however none of them!
None of them willing to help the leader..

The young guy just now, who answered confidently, laughing by himself, seeing no one rise from their seat..
he casually continue sitting as if nothing happened..leaving the leader 'terpinga-pinga'
Another guy, which I believed is around my age, spoke

FM2: Why don't you try to tow the bus by using your lorry then?(while chuckling to himself)
The Leader seems like losing his temper, replied
TM: Hey kawan, fikir logik la..kalo saya boleh tunda bas ni, dah lama dah saya tunda...bas 3tan, lori 1tan, mana bikin kot, praktikal la sket kawan..

Poor that pity leader guy, he waits enough and back to the bus without any helper at all...
Sighs can be heard from the girls..*is this what we call Malaysians(was some of it)...

To not further a due, all of the foreigner construction workers and passengers(Bangladesh,Pakistan) walked and helped..
There were cheers while they push the bus's a happy feeling for the writer...although they are not Malaysians!

okay, enough with this type of typing..
what i'm going to say here is that, have some pride while being Malaysians..
what would you feel when someone else(Foreigners) help your when your are in need, but then you yourselves does not even lending your hand,even a bit..
what a shame!!Yes I am not afraid to say it, what a shame!
do help when people ask for, as I believed good deeds will be returned back with good things...

*practically, i do wanna help to push the bus, but then i am a girl and not too comfortable to do works with all guys sister also is a bit muslimah in appearance...if only i wore something simpler...then i don't have to search for reason.
*just ignore the grammar error, i am not a superb english talker@writer,hehe

Not to forget, to all Chinese people from all around Malaysia, Happy Chinese New Year!!
hanya gambar hiasan semata