Sunday, December 12, 2010


hmm,right now i'm in Kuala Pilah, N.Sembilan..
feels good to be home..
btw, my sis baru je abes study..
i mean, she's done with her SPM things..
hopefully she did well..

my holiday is like nothing...
dunno wat to do actually..
usually keje kt kdai pkcik
but then,its just too crowded..
so,i end up being a parasite and duk je kt rumah..
makan biskut..and mengembangkan badan,haha..

it's kind of boring taw..
bkak fb pn nothing..
xrmai yg ley on9 kowt(act in cc rite now,hee)
luckily i'm going to jakarta end of dis month..
to those yg nkl kirim, gtaw la..haha
nk ikut bley jer..
tp duk dlm luggage la tp,hee..juz joking..
see you guys next time k..
or maybe next sem,to be specific,heee..